Youth Programs

Fire Awareness Week

Our departments hit the schools in their territories each year to spread fire and life safety awareness. We hand out informational items and show off our gear.

Topics include:

Grades K-2 – Stop Drop and Roll, Don’t be scared of the firefighter, When to call 9-1-1, Feel the door, Sleep with your door closed, Fire Alarms.

Grades 3-6 – Cooking safety, fire safety, fall and injury awareness, escape/get out, Fire Extinguishers.

Autauga County Technical Center

Autauga County Firefighters Association procured a FEMA SAFER Grant to fund training at the Autauga County Technical Center for Fire Science and EMS. Each year approximately 25 students are trained and graduate with the certifications of Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, and EMT Basic. This prepares students to enter into a career in the fire\ems service.

Jr. Firefighter

Some of our departments offer a Jr. Firefighter Program which allows youth ages 14-18 to train and participate in fire and ems events in a controlled environment. Jr. Firefighters are allowed on scene to observe operations, but are not allowed into danger zones. They can assist with various tasks outside of danger zones and walk through the scene after it is controlled with trainers to learn about fire behavior, investigation, and suppression tactics.

To become a Jr. Firefighter, please contact your local Volunteer Fire Department for more information.